Bed Bug Management:

Treatment: Our trained team thoroughly inspects your premises for bed bug pest control.

We crush and remove bed bug eggs they spot.

We treat every likely bed bug hiding place to maximize the chance of eliminating bed bugs from your home through Seva Services bed bug pest control services.

We carefully spray chemical pesticides on all items near a bed bug infestation, including baseboards, floor and wall junctions, tack strips under carpets, behind electrical outlets and switches, cracks in the walls and floors, wall-mounted items, and structural voids.

Make your space inhospitable for Bed Bugs:
What attracts Bed Bugs?

About E-Pest Safayaa

E-Pest SafayaaServices Private Limited, a pest control company established in March 2016 by Hiraman Rathod, who is Msc Agriculture with specialization in Plant Pathology with 28 + years’ experience in service industry. 

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