Rodent Management :

Treatment: At Seva Facility, we rely on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in rodent control, as we do for dealing with all pests. We inspect and study rodents at your premises systematically to control them effectively. Our trained technicians use the latest and most effective methods for rodent control.

Baiting-based rodent control solution

Baiting is an effective way to control mice, rats, and bandicoots. Baits contain food attractive for rodents, which the manufacturers mix with a toxic rodenticide. We use a special food-based anti-coagulant rodenticide that appeals to rodents and effectively kills them. Rodents do not die immediately after feeding on bait but a few days later. Other rodents do not suspect the use of toxic bait and do not become bait-shy, leading other colony members to eat the bait.

Trapping-based rodent control solution

Snap traps and glue boards are useful indoors, like at pharmaceutical and food processing units that do not allow pest control companies to use toxic baits inside their premises. We do not use baits indoors for rodents to prevent rodents from dying in inaccessible places where they are difficult to find and remove. Trapping is effective when a customer’s site has a limited rodent infestation.

Make your space inhospitable for Rodents:
Troble Rodents can cause:

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